„Studia? Pytam i wiem” - spotkań PIKu ciąg dalszy…

Roma Bulanda-Frączkiewicz

The guest of the third "Studia? Pytam i wiem!" meeting was Krzysztof, a fourth-year English student at ATH in Bielsko-Biała.  
 Why exactly English studies? 
 - Because it is one of the possibilities of improving one's competence in the language, which you can communicate all around the world, 
 - because with the  knowledge of English you can fulfil your passions (meeting interesting people and visiting many places) 
 - because that course of study gives the young person many opportunities to choose the future career path. (Krzysztof knows it from his own experience, as a student, he already works in one of the companies in Podbeskidzie and uses his language skills in practice). 
Krzysztof told us about the possibilities of choosing a language specialisation at English Philology (teaching or translating), the study programme, his methods of effective language learning, the university project "Gen podróży" (thanks to which he visited Europe) and working in the USA. 
 How can we sum up this meeting? 
 Do not limit yourself and learn languages (remember that language is not a separate construct, but also the culture and customs of a given country). Treat learning a language as a game, a pleasure, which in time will bring you tangible benefits. 
 Remember that the most important thing is the effort you put into learning the language, don't delude yourself that it depends only on the teacher or tutor!